zondag 31 mei 2009

The maid of the sea

Art by Gordon Nappier

Come from the sea,
Maiden, to me,
Maiden of mystery, love, and pain!
Wake from thy sleep,
Low in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!
Come to this sequestered spot, love,
Death's where thou art, as where thou art not, love;
Then come unto me,
Maid of the sea,
Rise from the wild and stormy main:
Wake from thy sleep,
Calm in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!

woensdag 20 mei 2009


Photograph Katharsis by Ophelias overdose

I hear a scream. Far in the distance. Which floor does it come from? And where am i? This house is so scary. Broken windows, dirt on the floor, a ruin from what it once was. And still it has also it's beauty. The silent dark corners are giving me goosebumps but i find some pleasure in it. In fact i love these deserted places with sighs of the past. I go upstairs. Noises from behind a door. Soft cries. As i carefully open the door i see her. I can't believe it. My equalness. Looking so sad. I take her hand and i listen as she opens up for me. And tells me about the pain inside. Pain because i neglected her for so long. And i begin to see the real me, she's holding the mirror. Nowhere to hide. Pain in many colours and the darkness of my heart. I start screaming with her. And our screams transform into a song. About the one i tried to hide. About the self i've never wanted to know. But this self is also a part of me, and a beautiful part too. Diffuse light falling on the floor. Broken glass shines like precious stones. I pick up a shiny piece and hold it in my hand. She lays her hand in mine and hold my hand tight. And tighter. We start to bleed but i don't feel the pain. I only feel my blood rushing and my heart pounding. Like never before. And then i understand and become one with her. Here i am. Do you see who i am? A girl with a bright and dark heart. Who needs pain thru love. The pain that makes me whole, that makes me shine like a diamond. Pain purifying my soul and making me happy. And as i embrace the whole me, accept all my colours, i am this lucky girl whois found by Him; my Master, Friend, Tormentor. Who understands me, takes care of me and He changed the ruin into a magnificent home.
I miss you Master......