zondag 31 mei 2009

The maid of the sea

Art by Gordon Nappier

Come from the sea,
Maiden, to me,
Maiden of mystery, love, and pain!
Wake from thy sleep,
Low in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!
Come to this sequestered spot, love,
Death's where thou art, as where thou art not, love;
Then come unto me,
Maid of the sea,
Rise from the wild and stormy main:
Wake from thy sleep,
Calm in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. dark moonheart,

    this is a wonderful poom, full of longing, and desire.
    i to long for a sea maiden.

  2. Hello Finbar,
    yes i love this poem a lot. I didn't write it, find it on the net but don't know who the poet is. So if anyone can help me out on this? Perhaps i placed this poem right now because i am longing a lot lately. And the little mermaid is one of my most favourite fairy tales. Not the Disney version though. But the real one in which she dies for her love.

    Sweet greetz from moonheart