dinsdag 9 juni 2009

She wants to learn

Photograph: Petit rouge by Comte de Pique.

Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by every one who looked at her, but most of all by her parents. This little redhead had a wonderful youth. Parents that love her deeply. No sorrows, worries or pain. But as she grew older there was this restlessness in her. When stories were told by the fire at night which make your flesh creep she felt excitement.
'Oh it makes me shudder!' people said frightened and didn't want to listen any longer. But for little redhead it was never enough. She wanted more stories that frighten her. The fear made her feel alive, this fear made her happy.
One day she told her parents she wants to learn about fear and sorrow and pain. But they didn't understand her. So little redhead decided that the time had come to leave her safe home, to wander uncertain and unknown paths. She didn't understand her fears yet and why it excites her so much, so she wanted to learn. She wanted to understand. Her parents were troubled, but they love her so much so they let her go. With pain in their hearts and much, much good advice.
When day dawned little redhead took her apron with some food, wine, girlie stuff and her diary. She kissed her parents goodbye and began her journey with a joyful heart. She walked to the great woods. The woods that frightened most people because the further you go there, the darker it gets. An old woman approached her. She had heard of little redheads desire. She walked together with little redhead to the more darker woods.
Then the old woman said: 'Look, see that old tree? Sit down beneath it and wait till the night comes and you will soon learn about fear and pain.'
Then the old woman left little redhead. She sat beneath the old tree and waited till evening came. She was not afraid but curious. She had heard about the big bad Wolf and she was hoping that He would appear to her. It was dark now and there was total silence in the woods. She felt a little anxious. That excited her. Suddenly she heard some twigs creaking. She felt her heart beating wildly and her blood rushing. A dark, exciting voice began to talk.
'Hello little redhead, are you lost?'
Before she knew it she looked into two intense dark eyes that seemed to see right true her. The Wolf! He impressed her a lot. She blushed, she couldn't keep her eyes of Him but finally she had to shut her eyes to escape His piercing look.
'No Wolf, i'm not lost, i've been waiting for You. Do you wanna teach me everything about fear and pain? About trust and love?'
Little redhead raised her eyes and saw His sparkling eyes and a smile upon His face. He asked her to follow Him.
'Do you trust me little one? Are you not afraid? Will you follow my trail?'
'Oh yes Sir.' she sighed. She would follow this beautiful Wolf everywhere. Because of the butterflies in her tummy. The intensity in His dark eyes. Her heart that wildly beats because of Him, her blood that rushes. She'll follow Him. She laid her hand in His and her journey began.
To be continued......

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very promising start, love to read how it continues.


  2. Ik hou niet niet zo van sprookjes... altijd allerlei gruwelijke dingen, maar dit is weer zo'n heerlijk verhaal met lekkere gruwelijke dingen... zo'n wegdroomsprookje... mmmmmmm
    ga door lieverd... ik ben benieuwd hoe het verder gaat.

    liefs van belle

  3. I like this mo....it is very intense and I so understand the feelings of "need" for the wolf.

  4. Im liking this, and I have a thing for redheads! continue please...